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PORTFOLIOS Steel axle end casting from the investment process used in the heavy eqt industry  Steel frame hanger
used in heavy truck suspension systems
CNC Machining of
Aluminum Door Hinge
for the Railroad Industry

About Bral Corporation

Bral Corporation was started in 1983, and has expanded to a 50,000sq./ft. facility in eastern Ohio, to service our customers. Along with our own machining centers in Ohio we offer a vast scope of services in mainland China. We have developed relationships with over 50 suppliers worldwide, and have customers around the globe, including Australia, India and Europe.

Bral Corporation is a sourcing firm of many products, mainly from Taiwan and China, also providing domestic warehousing, machining and inspection services. Expanding considerably over the years, focusing on importing, warehousing, including JIT shipping for your complete supply chain managment.

Some Industries Served are:

  • Railroad
  • Truck
  • Hand-Tool
  • Air Compressor
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Valves & Pump

Bral Corporation specializes in providing OEM products, from your drawing to tool making and final production. We have experience with an array of difficult castings across mutilple industries.

Bral Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company

We always welcome questions about the many manufacturing services we provide.                                                                      Please feel free to Contact Us if we might be of some assistance.